However, if you are living overseas and you have close ties (either family or genuine job offer) in Canberra; OR you have completed a PhD at an ACT university, you can still apply for ACT 190 nomination if you meet the criteria. 

If you have already submitted an application and paid the service fee before 23 August 2017, the application will be processed in queue order. 

CANBERRA RESIDENTS - if you are living in Canberra, you can apply for ACT 190 nomination as soon as you meet the nomination criteria. 


Brumbies Rugby Union team

Australia’s culture is a unique blend of established traditions and new influences.

Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are the custodians of one of the world’s oldest continuing cultural traditions. Their heritage lives on through art, rituals and performances, speaking and teaching languages and protecting cultural materials, objects and sacred and significant sites.

The early days of migrating to Australia saw settlers battling against a strange, harsh and often hostile environment, which has led to our strong beliefs in mateship, loyalty and a ‘fair go’.  Since that time, more than 6.5 million migrants have settled in Australia. These migrants have widened our social and cultural profile and helped to shape Australian life as we know it.

Our warm climate and love of the outdoors has become an integral part of our famous laid-back lifestyle, typified by a BBQ in the backyard, park or at the beach.

And it's no secret that Australians are sports mad. With more than 120 national and thousands of local, regional and state sporting organisations, it's estimated that six-and-a-half million people in Australia are registered sport participants. Not bad for a population of just over 23 million!

Today, more than 20 per cent of Australians are foreign born and more than 40 per cent are of mixed cultural origin. Their arrival has added richness to Australia’s culture and character, and helped to forge new attitudes and traditions.