Person mountain bike riding

Canberra is one of the best cycling cities in Australia with an extensive network  dedicated bicycle tracks, trails and on-road bicycle lanes -  the largest cycle network per capita of any city in Australia. The clean air, beautiful scenery and ease of movement also make pedal power a joyto experience in Canberra.

Canberrans love their cycling!  We have a choice of riding on-road, on sealed cycle paths around the city, on walking paths through parks and forests, past national attractions, around lakes, into connecting suburbs and off-road into the surrounding countryside. Many of Canberra’s main roads have designated bicycle lanes, but there is always a dedicated bicycle path to get you where you want to go. You can even take your bike on many of ACTION's Intertown Route buses.

Canberran cycle culture is vibrant. Cafes and venues are bike friendly and drivers are cycle aware. It's a relaxed and friendly place to cycle with a healthy recreation and road riding culture. Weekends are a popular time for families to cycle around the lake, to local playgrounds and shops or at venues like Stromlo Forest Park.

On - road cycling

If you are planning to ride on the road in Canberra, make sure you become familiar with our on-road cycling rules. Obey the road rules, road signs and signals. Cyclists must signal before turning right or changing lanes to the right. Hand signals are not compulsory when turning to the left or stopping, but may be given to let other traffic know what you're doing. When cyclists are in the left lane on a road (including a bicycle lane), they must give way to all buses that are indicating and trying to rejoin the traffic stream.

Cycling on the footpath

Cyclists in the ACT are permitted to ride on footpaths. In NSW however, only cyclists under the age of 12 are permitted to ride on footpaths, as well as supervising cyclists of all ages. When riding on footpaths, cyclists are required to keep left and give way to pedestrians

Off - road cycling

Stromlo Forest Park is a world-class sporting facility 15 minutes drive from the city centre. Make the most of their purpose-built event pavilion, criterium cycling circuit, grass running track, a trials course and cross country and downhill mountain bike tracks. Stromlo Forest Park has cycle trails suitable for all levels of off road riders, equestrian riders, runners and walkers of all abilities. Tracks are signposted with a system like those found at ski resorts with green, blue and black trails to cater for all levels of skill and fitness. Even complete beginners can ride many of the trails at Stromlo.