However, if you are living overseas and you have close ties (either family or genuine job offer) in Canberra; OR you have completed a PhD at an ACT university, you can still apply for ACT 190 nomination if you meet the criteria. 

CANBERRA RESIDENTS - if you are living in Canberra, you can apply for ACT 190 nomination as soon as you meet the nomination criteria. 

Public Holidays

People celebrating Australia Day

Australians commemorate certain days each year that have particular meaning or national significance. These include:

New Year's Day – 1 January
Australia loves to celebrate New Year and we celebrate with fireworks and celebrations in every major city.

Australia Day – 26 January
This day marks the founding of the first settlement in our nation by European people and is celebrated throughout Australia.

Good Friday, Easter Monday – Easter can fall in late March or early April
Easter is an annual Christian event and is enjoyed by all Australians as a four-day holiday weekend starting on Good Friday and ending on Easter Monday.

Anzac Day – 25 April
Anzac Day commemorates the landing in Gallipoli in Turkey of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) in 1915 during World War 1. This day is set apart to remember those who fought for our nation and those who lost their life to war.

Christmas Day – 25 December
An annual Christian festival celebrating Christ’s birth, Christmas is usually enjoyed by all Australians with time off work, the decoration of homes, schools and public places, Christmas Carols, the exchange of gifts, a visit from Santa Claus and traditional Christmas food. Many workplaces will close their offices from Christmas Day through to New Years Day.

Boxing Day – 26 December
Celebrated on the first day after Christmas, Boxing Day is also associated with two major sporting events in Australia: The Boxing Day Test – a cricket match held between the Australian Cricket Team and an international touring side at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground); and the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race: Australia’s most prestigious yachting race.

All other public holidays such as Queen's Birthday and Labour Day are individually declared by the state and territory governments.

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