Effective 4:00pm AEST Friday 29 June 2018:

Canberra residents:
• You are eligible to apply for ACT 190 nomination if your nominated occupation is listed as ‘open’ on the current ACT Occupation List.

• You are not eligible to apply for ACT 190 nomination if your nominated occupation is listed as ‘closed ‘on the current ACT Occupation List.

Overseas residents: 
• The ACT 190 nomination program remains closed for overseas applicants without close ties to Canberra, and is now closed to overseas applicants with close ties to Canberra.


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Skilled visa - ACT 190 nomination

ACT Government working with stakeholders to improve ACT Skilled Migration Program – Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa scheme


The Australian Government Department of Home Affairs currently allocates 800 places each financial year to the ACT to nominate intending migrants under the Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa scheme. Applications for nomination exceeded the 2017-18 allocation, and pressure on the scheme is expected to grow further in 2018-19.

This increase in demand is largely due to Federal Government changes across the broader skilled migration program and changes to requirements in other states and territories for similar pathways. The ACT Government recently placed temporary restrictions on ACT nominations for the 190 visa stream to investigate how we can more fairly and effectively manage increased demand for the program and ensure areas with the greatest skills need are prioritised.

ACT Government response
The ACT Government understands the decision to migrate and settle in Canberra is deeply personal and requires a significant amount of planning and commitment. A priority for the 190 visa process in the ACT is to ensure migrants arriving and living in Canberra permanently have the best chance of making a good life and becoming active members of the Canberra community. The intention of our program is to support nominations for eligible, skilled workers, who demonstrate a commitment to remaining in the ACT and have occupational skills that are in demand in the ACT economy.

Application process
The measures the ACT Government has taken to restrict current access to the program took effect on 29 June 2018. Applicants who had already lodged their applications will not be affected by this restriction – the applications received in 2017-18 (approximately 300) that exceeded our allocation have been transferred into the current financial year’s consideration and will continue to be assessed.Applicants who had commenced an application were given additional time to lodge their application.

The program remains open to temporary residents of Canberra with skills in occupations listed as ‘open’ on the ACT Occupation List. This will enable us to continue to address the ACT’s most critical skills needs without exhausting the 2018-19 allocation. More information about the nomination guidelines is available here.

Given the limited availability of ACT nomination places, potential applicants who move to the ACT from interstate to try to achieve ACT nomination do so without any guarantee that they will receive ACT nomination. As stated in the guidelines, the program may be temporarily closed at any time without notice.

Review and Consultation

The ACT Government is undertaking a review of the program to ensure the policy settings enable the program to manage the increased demand. Changes to the program will aim to achieve a sustainable skilled migration program that is better aligned to meet the ACT’s skills needs and is equipped to target applicants who demonstrate a strong commitment to the ACT and are able to contribute to the ACT community and economy.

The discussion paper provides an overview of the ACT program and highlights issues relating to the review. The discussion paper can be found here:  Discussion Paper

The ACT Government recently conducted a number of stakeholder workshops, which offered a collaborative opportunity to hear valuable feedback on the design and implementation of the program moving forward.

The outcomes of the review and future management of the ACT Skilled Migration 190 nomination program will be informed by the consultation and stakeholder feedback, as well as research and analysis undertaken by the Directorate. Updates regarding the status of the program review will be provided in the near future.

Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa

Canberra - Australia’s Capital.

The ACT Government can support your choice to live permanently in Canberra. Read through the following information about ACT nomination of a Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa and see whether you are eligible to apply for an ACT nominated Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa.

The Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa is a points-based visa for skilled workers who are nominated by a state or territory because their occupations are in demand in that jurisdiction.

If you are nominated by the ACT, you are awarded five additional points towards your overall points score. On confirmation of ACT nomination, if you have the required points as prescribed by the Department of Home Affairs, you will automatically receive an invitation from Department of Home Affairs to apply for the Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa. The ACT Skilled Migration Program may close at any time (without notice).

You must read the ACT 190 nomination guidelines carefully; and be satisfied that you meet the ACT 190 nomination criteria BEFORE you apply for ACT 190 nomination. 

Skilled - Nominated (provisional) (subclass 489) visa -  the ACT does not have access to nominate subclass 489 visas. 

ACT 190 nomination guidelines - updated 19 January 2018

Read the ACT nomination guidelines carefully and ensure that you meet the ACT nomination criteria before you lodge an application

Guidelines - ACT 190 nomination

Guidelines - ACT 190 nomination

Streamlined PhD nomination criteria

The ACT offers streamlined nomination for holders of a PhD completed at an ACT university. You will benefit from a simplified application process with minimal supporting documentation, priority processing and the removal of the $300 service fee.

Canberra residents:
• You are eligible to apply for ACT 190 PhD streamlined nomination if your nominated occupation is listed as ‘open’ on the current ACT Occupation List.
• You are not eligible to apply for ACT 190 PhD streamlined nomination if your nominated occupation is listed as ‘closed ‘on the current ACT Occupation List.

Overseas and interstate residents:
• The ACT 190 PhD streamlined nomination program is currently closed to interstate and overseas applicants.

Read the ACT nomination guidelines carefully and ensure that you meet the ACT nomination criteria before you lodge an application

Guidelines - ACT streamlined PhD 190 nomination  Guidelines - ACT streamlined PhD 190 nomination

ACT Occupation List - 18 March 2018

The ACT Occupation List is informed by Department of Home Affairs 'List of Eligible Skilled Occupations'. As changes can be made to the eligibility of occupations without notice, you are advised to check the relevant Home Affairs legislation for the current ‘List of Eligible Skilled Occupations’

ACT Occupation List 

ACT Occupation List

The ACT Occupation List will be updated on a regular basis to reflect the current demand in Canberra for each occupation. Once it is determined that the demand for an occupation has been met, the occupation will be closed without further notice. The demand for all occupations will be reassessed in 2018.

Applying for ACT 190 nomination

Please ensure you have read the guidelines for ACT 190 nomination to check your eligibility before you apply. A non-refundable $300 service fee is charged for processing applications for ACT nomination.

Individuals who are not using an agent may apply directly for ACT nomination without creating an account.

Migration agents lodging an application on behalf of a client must create an agency account.

Individuals (not using an agent):

Apply now        Resume saved application 

Migration Agents:

Login here to create an agency account, start a new application or resume an existing application.


Applying for your visa

The Department of Home Affairs is the Australian Government agency which manages the visa application and approval process for all migrants to Australia.

Before you submit an application for ACT 190 nomination, you must be satisfied that you meet the Department of Home Affairs criteria for a Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa. 

You must complete an Expression of Interest (EOI)  on Department of Home Affairs SkillSelect before you apply for ACT 190 nomination. When you complete your EOI you will receive an ID from Department of Home Affairs. Your EOI ID must be included in your application for ACT 190 nomination.

Home Affairs  - Skill Select

If your application for ACT 190 nomination is approved, your EOI will be confirmed on SkillSelect and the visa invitation will be automatically issued by Department of Home Affairs. You will then have 60 days to apply for a Skilled-Nominated (subclass 190) visa.

ACT nomination does not guarantee that the Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa will be granted.

When your visa has been granted

Let us know when your visa has been granted by emailing  a copy of the visa grant notification to welcometocanberra@act.gov.au. The ACT provides a free settlement service to  ACT 190 nominated migrants to help you settle in Canberra.

The Welcome to Canberra team will:

  • provide information and advice to help you move to Canberra by referring  you to the relevant websites.
  • meet with you (by appointment only) when you arrive in Canberra and give you some initial settlement support and advice.
  • follow up with a phone call or email so see how you are settling in Canberra
  • send you a settlement survey every 6 months (for 2 years) to find out about your new life in our beautiful city. 

Further Information