However, if you are living overseas and you have close ties (either family or genuine job offer) in Canberra; OR you have completed a PhD at an ACT university, you can still apply for ACT 190 nomination if you meet the criteria. 

CANBERRA RESIDENTS - if you are living in Canberra, you can apply for ACT 190 nomination as soon as you meet the nomination criteria. 

Doing business in Canberra

Three buiness people meet on Street in Canberra

Big ideas emerge, circulate and grow here, thanks to unique links between leading thinkers in business, government, education and research. These significant competitive advantages allow us to take those ideas to the rest of the nation, and to make an impact on the world. No wonder we’re a thinking entrepreneurial bunch!

Whether you’re an innovative start-up or a successful company wanting to invest in Canberra, the ACT Government has a range of initiatives to help business grow and flourish.

Business Support services

The ACT Government has a range of programs to help your business from grants and funding, business advice and resources and networks.

Business migration

If you are a successful business person who wishes to establish a new business or invest in an existing business in the ACT, you may be eligible to apply for ACT nomination of your Business Innovation and Investment visa.

Business investment

Known as the 'clever capital', Canberra boasts the country's best educated workforce, high labour productivity, modern infrastructure, low business costs and culture of innovation, and has one of the strongest and most secure economies in Australia. All this makes Canberra a city that offers a range of business benefits that cannot be found anywhere else.

Discover how Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory is the ideal place to build your business in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.